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The leadership at FLOSS Dental has worked in our been exposed to a wide variety of models in the dental industry. It made them ask why so many practices in the dental industry remain independent. Knowing from business experience that dreams can be limited by the resources available to pursue them, the FLOSS team began to believe there had to be a better model out there. When they could not find that model, they create it.

It’s pretty simple. FLOSS wanted to offer only the latest and best services that science would allow for its patients. They soon realized that the only way to ensure this for the long term would require to build something much larger than their collection of dental practices. Clout is a very real thing in business. FLOSS decided to apply the concept to dental. By being part of a larger entity and team with more buying power, our dentists are able to offer patients the most current level of dental services as they become available.


Invisalign is almost completely invisible, removable and still straightens teeth, allowing patients to look their very best even while they are going through the process of straightening their teeth. It has allowed teens and adults the chance to obtain a beautiful smile without dealing with any of the social stigma that comes with wearing braces.

While braces are permanently attached to the teeth, Invisalign trays are easily removed to allow for normal brushing and FLOSSing during treatment. This greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay. Many people refer to Invisalign as the invisible braces. FLOSS Dental offers this solution because we know it allows our patients to look their very best while working on looking even better. That fits with our focus on helping people renew their look and confidence.


For who want to look and feel new all over again professional teeth whitening can certainly help. FLOSS Dental whitening guarantees stunning results and our patients take comfort in knowing that our professional procedure is the safest and most effective possible. FLOSS uses a precise dropper to cover the teeth with a premium mixture of whitening agents, along with fluoride and potassium nitrate to help minimize sensitivity. The specialized solution gives amazing results within the hour, and the added compounds not only decrease tooth sensitivity but also increase enamel strength and help prevent cavities as well.

At-home products from supermarkets may seem alluring, but they can sometimes cause more harm than good. The only advantage to using a home kit is that you can do it yourself at home. For those who want to receive this service enjoying the comfort and convenience of doing it at home, FLOSS now offers the professional-grade gel to patients for at-home use!


The simple definition of a veneer is a covering that hides any flaws on the patient’s natural teeth with the purpose of protecting the tooth and improving the aesthetic appeal of the tooth. Depending on the current appearance of the patient’s teeth, the number of veneers needed to return the patient to a smile they are confident in varies.

FLOSS Dental sources only the highest quality of veneers for patients. Porcelain veneers made out of specialized materials are adjusted to match the color of the patient’s teeth. When the veneer is placed over a tooth, it will look like their other real teeth when they smile. This ability to improve the appearance of almost any tooth offers patients the flexibility to perfect their smile on a whole other level.


This amazing innovation in dentistry allows dental professionals to restore attractive smiles with minimal discomfort to the patient. For those looking to replace more than one tooth, the best solution and dental implant procedure will vary. However, regardless of the number of teeth being replaced, there are three major components of the dental implant procedure including a titanium post that ultimately fuses with the jawbone, an abutment that covers the protruding area of the implant, and a crown that fits on top of the abutment.

There are options when choosing dental implant solutions and strategies that are best depending on each individual situation. Having all of the best options currently available is the key. FLOSS dentists work with that confidence every day.

Accelerated Orthodontics

FLOSS Dental knows that the most traditional ways to ensure your smile are not always the best way today. Braces and aligners have become the ‘traditional’ solutions that instantly come to mind when it comes to orthodontics. However, innovations in this branch of dentistry now give you more convenient options to choose from.

Accelerated Orthodontics or any other services that can be provided to ensure you are getting the best are all offered at FLOSS Dental. Patients are able to take advantage of Accelerated Orthodontics along with all of the other latest dental services and advancements available in the world of dentistry today.

Amalgam Filling Removal

In recent years, with the improvements in composite resin (tooth-colored fillings) and increasing public concern regarding the toxicity of amalgam fillings and the potential effects on the body, amalgam fillings have become a less popular choice among the dental industry. At FLOSS we use only composite resin (tooth-colored) fillings, which are a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and mercury-free alternative.

For patients who currently have amalgam fillings which are in good condition and there is no decay beneath the filling, we may not recommend an amalgam filling removal or replacement. Removing sound amalgam fillings can result in unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure and may expose you to additional mercury vapor released during the removal process. However, it is important to understand that failing amalgam restorations can pose significant health risks regardless of whether there is mercury release or not. Recurring tooth decay, infections, fractures and tooth loss can occur if left untreated.

Laser Gum Treatment

There is a reason why gum disease, or periodontal disease, is one of the most common and serious dental problems. The disease tends to develop in such a way where symptoms may not make someone think they may have a serious problem. Some of the common symptoms of gum disease are persistent bad breath, red or swollen gums, bleeding gums when brushing teeth, painful chewing, and sensitive or loose teeth.

Laser gum treatment is a high tech solution to a problem that has been around a lot longer than lasers have. The treatment reverses the disease and provides relief for patients using the most current and high tech way to do so. FLOSS continues to keep aware of this and other advances in technology to ensure we are providing the best available for our patients.

Nitrous Sedation

We understand that all of our patients experience different levels of anxiety when going in for a dental visit. It is common for children and adults alike to experience anxiety. This is why dentists have provided nitrous sedation to make your experience in the chair as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. We provide this service for our clients to ensure their overall comfort and happiness while also ensuring the health of their teeth.

FLOSS promises a new experience in dentistry and along with that should come making sure that your experience won’t involve the sensation of pain through awareness or anxiety. Nitrous sedation allows for you to be calm during any operation in the dentist’s office. If patients require a wisdom tooth removal, or any other kind of oral surgery, FLOSS ensures that surgery is pain-free with the use of proper nitrous sedation. Providing a comfortable experience is a FLOSS Dental cornerstone.

Periodontal Services

FLOSS Dental always looks into every option available to patients first so that hopefully surgery never has to become the recommendation for the patient. Periodontal surgery is necessary when we determine that the tissue around your teeth is unhealthy and cannot be repaired with treatments that do not involve surgery. If FLOSS can get to the issue early enough the most advances laser gum treatments available today are readily available for patients.

When patients require surgery for properly dealing with gum disease, four types of surgical treatments are the most commonly prescribed. Pocket reduction procedures, regenerative procedures, crown lengthening , and soft tissue grafts are the most common. Again, we hope that patients never require surgery. When they do, FLOSS Dental is well versed in providing whatever level of care patients require.