A Brand That Attracts

We Put on the Best Smiles Every Day

All the Tenets of a Great Brand

We knew that the best background and experience we could leverage to do everything we could to set our brand up to grow into a household name might not come out of a dental school. The corporate infrastructure at FLOSS is actually made up of a small dream team specialized in the areas needed most to succeed. Brand development is one of those areas.

The FLOSS Dental brand is being built on some of the most tried and true pillars the greatest brands in the world have been built upon. First and foremost, the brand’s aesthetic is clean and fresh across the board. Brand awareness and equity are built with the consistent impression every new FLOSS makes in each market it is introduced to. This consistent delivery is taken seriously, and all a part of the meta plan to build the FLOSS brand.

Let’s Look Like a Perfect Smile

When someone is only focused on what’s on the surface they can be criticized for this. Teeth and a great smile, although highly functional, are also important to someone’s overall look and this affects confidence and self esteem. Given that we go to work every day to give people the perfect smile, it feels appropriate to think of the FLOSS aesthetic as such.

The FLOSS aesthetic, or look, we strive for is sleek, clean and current. Less is more. Polished is a positive. The FLOSS brand is something we monitor very closely and ensure that franchisees represent as intended. Clean and simple is very easy to clutter or tarnish. The FLOSS brand will always be carefully crafted and delivered so that all who invest in it will benefit from the fruits of that for the long term.

Design That Attracts

For many years dental practices just did what was affordable and just worked in the space needed to perform the services they needed to. Fast forward to today and there is a wide variety of what one dental practice might offer versus another when it comes to office design. At FLOSS Dental we set out to create A New Experience in Dentistry. We knew that office design would be a big part of that.

We designed a logo that every FLOSS franchise enjoys proudly displaying to mark their location and to market their practice. The modern and minimalist look of the logo is attractive in and of itself. Beyond that, office design plays a key role in creating the overall aesthetic and design of a FLOSS. Our construction buildout expertise is leveraged by our franchisees with every new build. Don’t you want to own the newest design in dental?

Every Touchpoint is Covered

Great brands know that it takes a lot more than a catchy name and the coolest logo design to be a great brand. The FLOSS team is versed in what it takes to give those who interact with the brand a consistent feel and experience wherever they come into contact with the brand. It starts with the FLOSS logo design but goes way beyond. The FLOSS team is trained to live the brand.

FLOSSY is a term that was born internally by those responsible for delivering the experience the brand set out to deliver from day one. It is a term used to capture the whole attitude and aura born out of the energy that goes into growing the most successful brand in dentistry every day. The people growing the FLOSS brand live and demonstrate the brand in the marketplace every day. If you are considering a franchise get in soon! That authenticity is getting more and more difficult to put a price on.