Our US target markets for growth

Available FLOSS U.S Franchise Markets

FLOSS has 10 franchises currently operating or in development across the U.S., and we’re always researching where the next great markets are for our dental franchise opportunities. If you’re looking for a small business venture, there’s a good chance that FLOSS would be a valued resource in your community. If you don’t see your location singled out here, don’t let that stop you from contacting us – our list is constantly updated!

Area developer opportunites availble

All Available Target Markets

These are some of the areas that we’ve identified as territories with especially promising potential for a new FLOSS franchise. If you’re located in our near any of these markets, our dental franchise opportunity just might be right for you.
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  • Partial Availability
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Target Markets

Franchise Real Estate

Site Requirements

FLOSS is one of the best dental franchises around beacuse we set up our practices in convenient and accessible locations. Having opended several franchises, we have a good idea of characteristics that an optimal location should have. A few of those characteristics include:

  • 01A strong customer base in the immediate area
  • 02A highly visible presence that’s easily accessed by car and public transportation
  • 03A lease with agreeable terms that leaves plenty of room for franchisees to profit
  • 04Enough space to build out exam rooms, a comfortble recetipn area, and or space to set up lab equipment.

One of the most important benefits of franchising with FLOSS is that we’ll provide you with plenty of guidance during the early stages of your business, so you wont need to worry about choosing a location all on your own. That guidance is just one of the many valuable resources included in our dental franchise starup costs.

Healthcare Business Development

Our Franchise Model

The FLOSS model centers around a high-end dental spa like enviroment with in-network pricing. This is a win-win for our patients who enjoy an upscale expereince at affordable prices. FLOSS franchise includes general and cosmetic dentistry, setting our brand apart from competitors. Thus, we’re able to treat a wide range of patient needs.

Services like these are in-demand in communities everywhere, so we’ve set our sights on expanding even further throughout the U.S!

If this model sounds appealing to you, but you arent sure how to start a dental practice on your own, dont worry about the details – that’s where we come in. Our team starts by assessing the potential for a new FLOSS franchise in your area and works with franchisees every step of the way from there. We can help you break into our thriving industry while cutting through red tape and simplifying the process.

Contact FLOSS today to learn more about how to start an dental practie in your area.